Al Dorsa with the alPhone

I've been involved in photography and graphic arts since I was a kid. I've logged thousands of hours working in darkrooms or hunched over a drafting table doing paste-up. I don't miss those days at all.

After a long hiatus from graphic arts a few things fell together in serendipity: I needed a hobby, digital photography had really come of age, and I was flush enough to buy the tools I needed. It was kind of the perfect storm for getting back to the work that I had always loved.

If you're an art buyer and think my work might have a place in a project you're doing, give me a yell and let's see if we can do business. My rates are not exorbitant and I'm pretty well equipped to do a variety of things from straight photography to fine art giclées, postcards and brochures to billboards.  

And if you're an art lover and would like to have one of my prints hanging on your wall, all it takes is an email to get the ball rolling..

I will be trying to develop some kind of online store in the future.  In the meanwhile, my email address is: